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Workshop Ted Krueger

18 de Maio de 2015, 17:59 , por Carla Rocha - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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A Question of Balance

The purpose of the workshop will be to integrate a new suite of sensors Neulog sensors now at LART into the CAVE environment and to link the two together in a productive and mutually supporting manner that could have therapeudic and diagnostic implications. The problem of human balance was chosen because balance is dependent on both the vestibular apparatus of the inner ear and on vision and so is an application in which the physiological sensors could be productively coupled to the display technologies of the CAVE. It is also an opportunity to examine the relationship between these two technical systems and to develop the substrate from which a wide range of other experiments and applications can be built. Some component of the work is related to the problem of balance but the workshop is also understood jump-starting a technical infrastructure with many uses.
The Neulog sensors are a modular proprietary system of sensors processors and communication. They can be configured and collecting and graphing data in less than an hour. The workshop does not have to develop anything with sensors, but must instead work to develop the interface between the Neulog and the CAVE by way of an available API. There is a need to develop a way to interface the Neulog Modules to the body so that appropriate data is collected. We will also need to move data to the CAVE and its associated devices in such a way as to transform its visual, acoustic and tactile feedback to the user.
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